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Lurie & Associates, LLC has been in the commercial real estate business for 40+ years and has had the good fortune of working with Caruthers and Associates for the majority of that time. Our portfolio of assets currently total over 2.6 million square feet of office and retail real estate in eight states. Of this total Caruthers & Associates handles the bulk of the tax appeals. Caruthers & Associates has diligently worked on our behalf to reduce the real estate taxes on these assets and have been extremely successful. In doing so, they have made our job easier as property managers and they have succeeded in increasing the bottom line for our clients.

International Paper Company has utilized Caruthers & Associates for tax services for many years. We have found their staff to have expertise in areas that greatly benefited our company. They are a very effective firm having saved our company many thousands of overpaid tax dollars. We are very appreciative of their services.

We have been served well by Caruthers & Associates for over twenty (25) years. Their staff has demonstrated outstanding capabilities in the property tax field having saved countless thousands of dollars on all our properties. Caruthers has always been helpful and their services valuable and would highly recommend.

We originally became associated with your firm through your work for Holiday Inns, and we are glad we extended your work to our other companies. Thanks for a job well done.

. . . there is not a single appeal which you have handled for us that has not resulted in substantial reductions. The Real & Personal Property tax savings you have achieved over the years are much appreciated.

…We find that your services have been very effective. Tax savings have been substantial in each instance and on many occasions, were greater than we thought possible.

We are very pleased with the services provided by Caruthers & Associates. They have been very aggressive and successful in reducing the property taxes on our properties when other firms were not. In-Rel has been aggressive in acquiring properties throughout different regions of the country and their knowledge and skill in the property tax area has been very beneficial for our company and genuinely appreciated. We would highly recommend Caruthers to anyone in the Real Estate Industry.

Cooper Hotel Group: For over thirty (30) years, Caruthers & Associates has been very effective in helping to manage the tax burden for our hotel properties. We appreciate their knowledge and expertise and can recommend them in this area.

Caterpillar, Inc. has been a Caruthers & Associates property tax client for many years with respect to both real estate and personal property accounts.  Throughout their service, we have found them to be professional in their approaches and very effective in the results.  Thanks to them for the great service and tax savings.

Caruthers & Associates, Inc. has been involved with many of our properties located throughout the country.  The expertise and efforts they have expended on our behalf are genuinely appreciated.  We would recommend Caruthers to anyone.

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With over 40 years of experience, we have assisted clients locally and nationally to reduce and better manage their property tax liabilities.