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Caruthers Real Estate and Property Tax Services

Caruthers and Associates, Inc has the experience and resources to provide your company a complete real estate tax program. Our firm can handle the negotiation process with the assessing authorities to presenting your case before the Assessment Appeals Boards. Our firm will aggressively work to reduce your company’s property tax liability.

Should you file an assessment appeal? Should you have your property reappraised?

The assessed value of your real estate should equal what the property would easily sell for (appraised value). If the assessed value exceeds that amount then you should consider filing an appeal to your County Board of Equalization. If the property is affected by a diminution in value caused by declining prices and market conditions, detrimental conditions or other causes you should file an appeal. Property tax appeals can be filed on any real estate including a home, farm, vacant land, apartment building, commercial, industrial, or special use property as well as personal property.

Contact an experienced, licensed, and certified appraiser

Before considering filing a property tax appeal, you should contact an appraiser experienced in the assessment appeal process and an appraiser who is licensed and certified by the State your property is located. Please contact us for a complete outlook on the Property Tax Appeal process.

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With over 40 years of experience, we have assisted clients locally and nationally to reduce and better manage their property tax liabilities.