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When you need an experienced professional property tax firm

Our services may be needed when:

  • have newly acquired property
  • are the Lessee and are responsible for payment of tax increases
  • are the Landlord and wish to properly bill tax escalations to the tenants
Your new property:
  • is incomplete and subject to incomplete assessments
  • is completed and has been fully assessed
Your existing property:
  • has recently been reappraised
  • has occupancy and cash flow problems
  • is subject to spiraling tax rates

Why you should hire a professional property tax consultant

Property taxes in the United States now total annually in excess of $300 billion dollars. Total assessed value of all property is over three (3) trillion dollars and the spiral continues upward as this tax continues to be the major source of local revenue.

Such astronomical dollar growth in the tax structure is fraught with complexities and confusion which, in the final analysis mean problems for today’s property taxpayer. Many governmental agencies employ professional property tax advisors in administering the property assessment appeal program. With respect to commercial and industrial property tax appeals, today’s taxpayer may do well to act in a similar manner and engage a professional property tax consultant or property tax firm.

Every taxpayer needs a professional analysis

Professional assistance is needed by the taxpayer throughout the tax assessment review and appeal process.  The intricacies of the procedures require vast experience and understanding in order to minimize both real estate and personal property assessments and the taxes which follow.  In many cases, the process becomes an adversary process and professional assistance on the side of the taxpayer balances the contest and provides the taxpayer the same benefits available to the governments.  In addition to guidance from property tax professionals and experts, the property tax assessment authorities use their own and independent techniques to estimate income and apply their own formulas to evaluate property.  Lack of knowledge and experience in these areas usually lead to denial of the taxpayer’s appeal and sometimes even results in the tax assessment and resulting taxes being increased.

The solution lies in professional analysis which assures the taxpayer equitable response within the framework of legality.

Caruthers & Associates is a professionally trained property tax company and morally devoted to obtaining that often elusive solution and will always protect its own and its clients’ reputations in the process.

As an experienced professional property tax firm, Caruthers & Associates, Inc., is well aware that the amount of property taxes are vital to the bottom line and sometimes to the continued existence of a business entity.  Our tax assessment reductions have helped many taxpayer businesses increase their profit margins and have sometimes made the difference in their continuing operations.

Nationwide experience in property assessments

In Tennessee, we have successfully prosecuted hundreds of tax assessment appeals in cities throughout the State including Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and numerous small communities. The same is true for cities such as Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Naples in Florida and the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas in California.  However, our experience in property assessments has been gained nationwide on every type of property and we have very good contacts with local experts and professionals, enabling us to assist taxpayers on both real estate assessments and personal property assessments for just about any taxpayer, anywhere.

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With over 40 years of experience, we have assisted clients locally and nationally to reduce and better manage their property tax liabilities.